About Us

Accurate and adequate nutrition information… for easy management of patients.

CNC smart foods was conceptualized by a couple, Kenneth and Michelle Umeadi. Kenneth is a medical doctor, a GP with 11 years experience while Michelle is a registered dietitian with 12 years experience in nutrition and dietetics. They have managed thousands of patients and they know what yields the best results. CNC smartfoods is an offspring of Citadel Nutrition Consult, a consultancy that works with doctors to co manage patients with diet related diseases.

We are the customers choice because our products have been well researched and are recommended by health professionals. Accurate and adequate nutrition information make our products preferred for easy patient management of patients. We have carefully selected foods with high nutritional value while avoiding those that will likely cause discomforts like gluten sensitivity and food allergies. We avoid the use of preservatives, chemicals and unhealthy additives. Our methods ensure optimal hygiene and nutrient preservation.

In terms of business experience, we have acquired quite a bit of it. The world of entrepreneurship isn’t unfamiliar to us as we have run businesses and partnerships over the years. We understand the value of stakeholders and will protect their interests in honesty, fairness,justice and within limits of the law. We have learned how to build teams and deliver excellent quality and great customer service. We are are building a strong team and working to perfect an efficient and reliable operational system for optimum results in every aspect of our business.

We are truly Nigerian and we understand the economic realities in our country. We encourage local farmers by buying their products and we seek to create jobs and keep our prices low so that our products can be afforded by all who need them.

About Us

CNC Smartfoods was born out of passion to see people eat right, live healthy and still enjoy what they are eating. I am Dietitian Michelle Umeadi; with over 10years of experience. I have seen people give up on their quest to live healthy- why? Boring, unpalatable foods. Personally, I have struggled with eating right and having lost between 17-25kg three times in my life. And I know the struggle is not over.

So, rather than live a life sentenced to counting and measuring every calorie and exercising even when my body aches. I chose to focus on the quality of food I eat (wholesome foods) and make room for indulging. I enjoy my life now, and eating smart made it easy. Hey! You deserve to eat and enjoy what you are eating. Freedom is what CNC Smartfoods has to offer to you.

Why Choose CNC Smartfoods?

The following are reasons why you should choose CNC Smartfoods:

    • Very affordable
    • Get value for your money
    • CNC Smartfoods are nutritious
    • They are delicious
    • Hygienically processed NAFDAC registered
    • Processed according to standards of processing (nutrients are retained & improved, while anti-nutrients are destroyed.
    • Natural (no artificial colour or flavour) No preservative
    • Very easy to cook, and ready in few minutes
    • Gluten free
    • Can be used in the management of diseases like diabetes, malnutrition, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.

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