Beans flour                                                 1 cup heaped

Hot water (not boiling)                              1 cup level

Dry shombo/pepper                                  1 table spoon

Seasoning cube                                          ½

Salt                                                           ¼ teaspoon

Onion                                                        ½ small

Groundnut oil                                            1 litre (for frying)

Cooking Guidelines :

  • Mix the bean flour with the hot water, until it forms a thick paste.
  •  Mix properly to avoid lumps.
  • Add the onion, dry pepper, salt and seasoning cube, and mix thoroughly.
  • Pour the oil into the frying pan and heat it up.
  • When the oil is hot, use a deep round bottom spoon Or 1/3rd measuring cup to scoop the mixture into the hot oil. Put as much as your pan can carry.
  • Allow the akara to float, and then turn for the other side to fry.
  • Take out the akara and put on a sieve or towel to allow some oil to drain.
  • Serve with Tamba Pap or your favourite pap.

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