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Kunu Drink

Ingredients:  Ciro flour                                                            4 table spoons Guinea corn or millet flour                                   4 cups Sugar                                                                    4 table spoons Ginger                                                                  1 table spoon (optional) Cloves                                                                  1 tea spoon (optional) Water                                                                   2.5 litres Cooking Directives: Dissolve guinea corn or millet flour with about 500ml water Pour 1.5 litre of boiled water into the […]

Acha Pudding

Ingredients: Acha grains                                                            1cup Water                                                                     6cups Cooking Guidelines Boil 6cups of water in a pot Stir in acha grains and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add sugar (optional) and milk Serve hot.

Fried Acha

Ingredients: Acha grains                                                                      1cup Meat/fish stock                                                                3cups Seasoning cube                                                                1cube Salt                                                                                  1teaspoon Diced carrots, green beans                                               2 cups Onion                                                                               1 (small bulb) Cooking Direction Toast acha grains in pan for 5minutes Set pot on fire with stock. Season stock to taste, adding sufficient curry Turn in acha grains and stir. Cover and cook for about […]

Jollof Acha

Ingredients: Acha flour                                                    1cup Tomato sauce                                               6tablespoons Meat/fish stock                                             3cups Seasoning cube                                             1cube Salt                                                               1tea spoon or to your taste Diced carrots, green beans                             2cups Onion                                                            1 (small bulb) Cooking Guidelines Toast 1cup of acha grains in pan for 5minutes. Set pot on fire with tomato and pepper sauce. Turn in stock […]

Acha Baby Pottage

Ingredients Acha grains.                                 1 cup Oil (palm or olive)                        4 tablespoons Seasoning cubes                         1 cube Salt                                                1½ teaspoon Dry pepper                                    1½ teaspoon Tomato sauce                              3 tablespoons Crayfish  powder                          2 tablespoons (omit for 6mnths – 1yr) Water                                             3 ½ cups Cooking Guidelines Put water to boil.     Add all ingredients into the boiling water. Stir in acha […]

Plantain Flour Baby Pottage

Ingredients Plantain flour                                  1 cup Oil (palm or olive)                          4 tablespoons Seasoning cubes                           1 Dry pepper                                      1 teaspoon Tomato sauce                               3 tablespoons Crayfish powder                           2 tablespoons  (omit for 6mnths – 1yr ) Water                                                     3 cups Cooking  Guidelines Mix  1 cup  of  flour  with  1 cup  of  water Set remaining  2 cups  of  water  to  boil. […]

Tamba Pap

Ingredients Tamba flour                                                                   ½ cup Water                                                                   1 cup Cooking Guidelines Mix flour with about ½ cup water to form a thick consistency. Put the remaining water to boil and pour on the mixture. If the pap is thick, it’s ready if not, then set on medium heat and stirs for about 2 minutes. Add […]

Millet Pap

Ingredients Millet flour                                                 ½cup Water                                                           1cup Cooking Guidelines Mix flour with about ½ cup water to form a thick consistency. Put the remaining water to boil and pour on the mixture. If the pap is thick, it’s ready if not, then set on medium heat and stir for about 2mins. Add sugar and milk if […]

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