Kunu Drink


 Ciro flour                                                            4 table spoons

Guinea corn or millet flour                                  

4 cups

Sugar                                                                    4 table spoons

Ginger                                                                  1 table spoon (optional)

Cloves                                                                  1 tea spoon (optional)

Water                                                                   2.5 litres

Cooking Directives:

  • Dissolve guinea corn or millet flour with about 500ml water
  • Pour 1.5 litre of boiled water into the mixture to make a thick pap and allow to cool.
  • Add ginger and cloves.
  • Mix ciro flour with 500ml drinking water.
  • Add the ciro flour to the cooled pap and mix properly.
  • Cover and allow mixture to ferment for 8 or 12hrs.
  • Sieve with muslin cloth.
  • Add sugar and chill

Save with favourite snacks or Cnc Smartfoods kuli snack.

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