Bean flour                                         1 cup heaped

Hot water (not boiling)                     2 cups leveled

Dry shombo/pepper                          1 tablespoon

Seasoning cube                                 1 cube

Salt                                                   1 leveled teaspoon

Onion                                                          ½ small

Groundnut oil                                   1 tablespoon

Crayfish                                              1 tablespoon

Boiled egg, fish (optional)                 1

Cooking Guidelines

  • Mix the bean flour with the hot water to form a watery paste.
  • Add the onion, dry pepper, salt and seasoning cube, and mix thoroughly.
  • Add the crayfish and groundnut oil and mix again
  • Scoop the mixture into two plastic moi-moi plates (not healthy though) or into two moi-moi leaves
  • If using boiled egg, cut into two and drop each half into the two mixtures.
  • Set a small amount of water to boil
  • Using a pot big enough to contain the quantity of moi-moi you wish to make.
  • Place the scooped moi-moi in the boiling water and cook for 45 minutes (keep an eye on the water level to add more water when necessary).
  • Check after 45minutes to confirm that the moi-moi is cooked. You can do this by putting a knife through it, if it’s stained with moi-moi paste then keep cooking until the knife comes out clean or with a slight smear of moi-moi.
  • Serve with tamba pap or salad.

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